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The book  I Want to Learn to Fly  is for people who want answers and inspiration about achieving something great in their life. It is a short story that takes you through an intriguing step by step process about the adventures of a not so imaginary girl who begins a journey to find the answer to her quest about wanting to learn to fly. The book has an uncanny and amazing ability to relate to the reader and has helped change many people’s lives. The fact that you are now reading this means that your life may also be about to change... 

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About the author

The author is from Australia. He is not necessarily an author but he does likes to inspire people to achieve the best that they can. Sometimes an idea comes to his head and he writes it down. This story was written in 2007 and was inspired by the International Student journey being taken by hundreds of thousands of young people from all over the world wanting to learn to 'fly'. By request it has been made available free on this site as from January 23rd 2014. ENJOY!

I Want to Learn to Fly  was one of those ideas that demanded to be written and the words appeared.

It may well have been written just for you.

Prepare yourself for your journey starts on page one!

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